torga pro

Streamlining B2B Furniture Experiences


Torga.pro, a distinguished Spanish furniture factory, caters exclusively to other furniture businesses. We collaborated to design an interactive platform, allowing their B2B clients to directly place orders, visualize products using 3D configurators, and enhance communication, thereby accelerating the manufacturing process.

Bridging Design, Manufacturing, and Commerce


The vision was to create a seamless interface where clients can not only select and customize products but also place direct orders to the factory. This digital transformation aimed to improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce miscommunication, and provide clients with real-time design capabilities.

Crafting a Seamless B2B Interface

Technologies Deployed

We integrated ShapeDiver, offering high-fidelity 3D visualizations, allowing businesses to see their product customizations in real-time. Ensuring smooth and secure transactions, Stripe was incorporated, while Firebase ensured robust user management. The synergy of React.JS and Next.JS offers a fluid, responsive user interface, with content managed seamlessly through Sanity.


Pioneering B2B Digital Transformation


Torga.pro's platform stands as a testament to how digital solutions can significantly streamline B2B interactions. The platform has not only increased order accuracy and reduced lead times but has also fostered a collaborative environment between the factory and its business clients.


Forge the Future of B2B Furniture Commerce

Experience Torga.pro's revolutionary platform firsthand and discover a new paradigm in B2B furniture commerce. For collaborations, inquiries, or to learn how we can drive digital transformation for your B2B needs, connect with us. Let's craft tomorrow, today.