Illuminating Customization


ShapeLamp, a unique venture based in Malta, brings a fresh perspective to lamp design. We collaborated to create a platform that blends art with technology, allowing customers to visualize and customize their lamp designs through an advanced 3D configurator.

Shaping Light with Precision


The mission was clear: allow customers to mold and shape their vision of the perfect lamp. We aimed to provide an interactive experience that goes beyond mere selection, letting users play with shapes, designs, and visual aesthetics, all while witnessing their creations take form in real-time.

Blending Art and Tech

Technologies Implemented

The platform is built on the robust React.JS framework, offering swift and interactive user interactions. Material-UI (MUI) lends its sleek design capabilities, ensuring a visually stunning experience. The real magic, however, comes from ShapeDiver and Konva.js, which powers the 3D and 2D configurators, breathing life into custom lamp designs.


Lighting Up Digital Innovation


The ShapeLamp platform has not only enhanced user engagement but also brought a new dimension to online shopping. Customers revel in the autonomy and creativity the site offers, resulting in increased sales and glowing reviews.


Ignite Your Creativity

Step into ShapeLamp's world and let your imagination shine bright. For collaborations, inquiries, or to discover how we can illuminate your digital landscape, reach out. Let's shape the future of e-commerce together.