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Revolutionizing furniture customization


For Nafaru Home SL, a prestigious French furniture company, we created a dynamic e-commerce platform. The heart of this project is the 3D configurator, which allows customers to design custom-made furniture, perfectly aligning with their vision, from dimensions to intricate style and color details.

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Showcasing Excellence


The aspiration was to transcend conventional online furniture purchasing experiences. By incorporating real-time 3D visualizations and customizations, our goal was to provide users with an immersive experience, allowing them to select furniture that resonates with their individual tastes while also offering a seamless purchasing process.

Pioneering technology for tailored solutions

Technologies Implemented

The platform leverages the power of Vercel for seamless implementation. The synergy of React.JS and Next.JS ensures a responsive interface experience, enhanced by the aesthetics that MUI offers. The magic of 3D visualization is represented by ShapeDiver, allowing real-time furniture customization. For seamless transactions, we integrate Stripe and Firebase Authentication to ensure a secure and easy user login experience. With Sanity as the backbone of content management, the website can be updated effortlessly.


Crafting Digital Excellence


The renewed online presence of Nafaru Home SL stands out as a benchmark in the world of electronic commerce of custom furniture. The platform has not only increased user engagement and satisfaction but has also seen a significant increase in sales. Customers now enjoy a fully personalized shopping process, from viewing to purchasing, all in one seamless flow.


Experience the future of furniture design

Enter the world of Nafaru Home and discover the future of furniture design and customization. For collaborations, consultations, or to experience our technological prowess firsthand, contact us! Let's redefine the limits of digital commerce together.