Fujitec Singapore

Elevating Elevator Customization


Fujitec Singapore, a renowned Japanese brand, entrusted us with the task of enhancing their sales experience in Singapore. We developed an immersive 3D configurator, enabling clients to design their custom elevator, from finishes and colors to intricate hardware details. This isn't just about elevators; it's about reimagining vertical transportation.

Personalizing Vertical Journeys


The mission was to provide a tool that allows salespersons and clients to see their elevator choices come to life. From changing dimensions to picking out specific door hardware, we wanted to ensure that every decision was visually represented, giving a clear understanding of the final product.

Seamless Integration, Superior Presentation

Technologies Implemented

Powering the 3D configurator, we employed cutting-edge rendering technologies that ensure high fidelity visuals and real-time customization feedback. This intuitive tool doesn't just stop at visualization; clients can also generate a detailed PDF of their configurations, enhancing the sales and communication process.


Redefining Elevator Sales


With the introduction of the 3D configurator, Fujitech Singapore witnessed a transformative enhancement in their sales process. Clients now enjoy a more informed and interactive buying experience, leading to quicker decisions, increased satisfaction, and a boost in sales metrics.


Ascend to New Heights of Customization

Dive into Fujitech Singapore's platform and experience the future of elevator customization. Whether you're a business looking to install elevators or a partner keen to explore our technology solutions, let's connect. Together, let's reach new heights in digital innovation.