the habitatt

Shaping Custom Shelves in 3D

Overview revolutionizes the way we perceive and purchase shelves. Through our collaboration, we introduced a state-of-the-art 3D configurator, enabling users to customize shelves down to the finest details, blending functionality with aesthetics in a seamless digital experience.

Beyond Standard Shelves


The vision was to transform the traditional approach to buying shelves. We envisioned a platform where every user can be a designer, tailoring shelves to fit their space, taste, and requirements, and visualizing every change in real-time through an immersive 3D interface.

Crafting Virtual Elegance

Technologies Deployed

Our platform, built on cutting-edge technology, ensures an intuitive and responsive user experience. The heart of is the 3D configurator, allowing users to tweak dimensions, select varied finishes, and play with an array of colors, bringing their vision to life before their eyes.


Elevating Online Furniture Shopping

Outcome has set a new standard in online furniture shopping. With an increase in customized orders, glowing client feedback, and a surge in user engagement, the platform showcases how technology can truly personalize and enhance the e-commerce experience.


Design Your Dream Shelf Today

Venture into and unleash your inner designer. Whether you desire a minimalistic shelf for your study or a vibrant one for your living room, with our 3D configurator, you're in control. Begin your customization journey and bring your vision to life.