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Redefining door customization


Door Builder Canada is a pioneer in creating custom doors tailored to individual preferences. We bring this art to the digital world, allowing customers to design the doors of their dreams. Through an intuitive 3D configurator, users can view, customize and organize their creations, combining technology and craftsmanship to perfection.

Uniting art and digital ease


The challenge was translating the tangible experience of creating a custom door into a digital platform. Our goal was to offer users a space to experiment with various design elements, witness their creations come to life in real-time, and follow their journey from design to door.

Modern tools for timeless craftsmanship

Technologies Implemented

The platform runs smoothly thanks to Vercel's deployment capabilities. React.JS and Next.JS come together to offer a dynamic interface experience, with TailwindCSS ensuring a modern and responsive design. ShapeDiver technology powers the 3D configurator, allowing users to visualize their customized doors. Firebase manages user data, allowing them to track orders and customization history. To ensure efficient administration, we integrated a custom admin panel using Sanity.io, simplifying product management and order tracking.

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Crafting success, one door at a time


The innovative platform has transformed Door Builder Canada's online presence, garnering positive reviews and increased user engagement. Customers enjoy a unique immersive shopping experience, from creation to completion, which has subsequently led to increased sales and brand loyalty.


Open doors to digital innovation

Enter the realm of Door Builder Canada and witness the evolution of door manufacturing. For collaborations, consultations or to explore our technology solutions, connect with us. Together, let's open doors to infinite possibilities in the digital landscape.